“Click!” - this sound is my everyday reality. That is what happens to you when you become a photographer. Just one «click!» and you can see more. With that one «click!» I am empowered to freeze time capturing the most beautiful moments.


Frankly speaking, photography is my life. Photography is my tool to point out something no one else pays attention to. It engages me to show my vision of what is happening around. It is quite interesting to explore people through the lenses. That is why I define portraits as my main interest. «Oh what a smile!» - you may say it only when it is spontaneous. If I ask you to smile in the same way, it will be staged. It will be ugly and fake. Looking at the pictures I take, one may suggest that people in the photos were somehow directed. However, I never ask models to pose, being natural and acting the way you are and exposing your real self is key. Everything else is a certain spontaneity and absolute freedom. Moreover, by catching the moment when people act natural, I am enabling myself to show them how beautiful and unique they are.


«Beauty in simplicity» – one rule that I follow when taking pictures. Sticking to the idea of «keeping it simple» results in «maintenance» of my own style: same colours, sharpens, natural light.



My art story began at the very moment my hands touched my first camera. I started taking pictures of everything that my eyes could reach. It did not matter what was in front of me. It mattered to me to exhibit my vision of that exact object. At some point, my camera became my best friend and I ended up taking it with me all around the place.

I was born in Moscow where I got my first apprenticeship in the field of Photography and got closer to my dream of becoming a professional photographer. However, my path as a photographer began before getting into university: I got accreditation from an online magazine which specifics was music and especially concerts in Russia's greatest cities. I felt like it was a beginning of something huge and meaningful to me. It boosted up my inspiration, gave me a breath of fresh air: I was able to get closer to some of my most favorite musicians and bands, I got an official excuse to "approach" my idols. At some point, I began communicating with them and my newly found work broadened my horizons. The more I went to the concerts and took pictures, the greater my portfolio was becoming. The practice I got during working as a concert photography was a great contribution to my general photography experience.

Despite the fact I got a certain recognition in Photography I realized that I was still striving for gaining a more sufficient background in the field. That was the reason why I decided to attend British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow. It will be a mistake to dismiss that stage of my life as long as being in the program I could finally define my path and understood what my goal was. BHSAD gave me an idea of what I wanted from life. However, I realized that those dreams will stay in the form of unreachable wishes if I would have stayed in Moscow. Thus, life twists and my inner motivation brought me to Berlin where I became a part of BTK University which I still am.