For project "Sacred Geometry" I was taking inspiration in the architecture of the Moscow subway. I thought that if I`ll shoot subway stations It would be too easy and boring. I would like to do something new and extraordinary and at the same time show some undeniable fact in an ordinary place.


And then I thought about the time, which we spend in the subway. I thought that every moment in our lives is unique and will never happen again. We live and exist independently of the passage of time. Time comes when we sleep, when we work and time doesn’t stop. So, in series of "Sacred Geometry" reveals the moment of eternity in a completely ordinary situation: a man becomes an instant, and everything else is behind him. At this moment a man puts on a mask of watches which emphasizing that this is a moment that exists here and now.


Theme of time appeals to me very heavily and deeply. It motivated me and was my directive force when I was working on the project. Looking at the pictures from the series, time and its flow become literal and exposed. Time gets somewhat imprinted onto space and can be viewed in the forms of the bright colors.


"What happens behind the lenses stays behind the lenses", - is no longer a rule to follow. Photographers tend to become braver and braver, they change perspective and dictate new trends. My experimental project was dedicated to show intimacy that can be sacred between the two, within this tiny world called relationship.


Memory is something immaterial, and each of us is trying to store memories in his own way. Someone writes special moments in a diary, someone takes pictures, someone keeps their memories in their heads. The body art allows people to save important moments on their own bodies. Here is a series of pictures, which shows people with absolutely different life stories and individual tattoos. Each of them saves memories on their body that will be there for life.



It’s not a secret: we’re not who we’re. Sometimes we don’t know what kind of person really is. We see only the character that he created himself, we judge him by the mask that he chose to show.